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September 7, 2021

Hallo Beautiful,

Change is in the air. New governments. New season. New album. New attitude.  Can you feel it? I hope you’re doing well and ‘rolling with the punches’, as they say.  (Hopefully not too many punches!!)

I’m so grateful for the warm reviews and kind words of support and encouragement from everyone who has listened, liked, commented, mentioned, written about, followed, and downloaded PURGE – the new album.  Every bit helps and encourages me to keep writing and sharing with the world.  Speaking of which, shout out to Bob Smith at The Static Dive. He did this lovely interview of me and the album recently:

Meedon’s Powerful And Adventurous Debut

It’s a good read.  I hope you enjoy it.  As the article mentions, PURGE is now streaming and also downloadable on iTunes (my personal preferred way of listening to music because it gives most of the credit to the artists, instead of big corps.)  Please checkout the Music tab for ways to download/stream. Let me how you felt listening to it.  I love hearing from you x


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